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SKENAR73 was born 1989 in east of Berlin and he raised in Hohenschönhausen. 2009 he started an industrial training as a newspaper printer. After these 3 years, he began to study printing and media technology in Berlin and made his Bachelor of Science in 2016.

In 2015 he began to be a selfemployed-worker and founded the frameless-studio with his partner RIOT1394. After many years of painting graffiti pieces on walls, he shifted his focus from panting outside to create artworks in his studio. In 2020 he had his first soloshow „Layers“ in Berlin City in the JR Gallery.

Artist Statement

Skenar73 is Berlin based artist who deals with with abstraction of his graffiti letters and combine them with multi-layered forms. His new works creates a depth in different ways, because the painting hisself has a depth and also a haptical depth. The glossy finish of his sculptures generate a fluid impression and so the viewer can interact with the artwork. Skenar73 concentrates right now on colors and their correlation, contrast, light and shadows.