These series of artworks are multidimensional and completely free in every shape. Most of them consists of 2-3 layers of wood (mdf). So the viewer does not know from the first impression which shadow is real and which one is just painted.

I started these kind of artworks in 2019 and developed them to my key technique. It took me nearly 3 years to be completely professional with all the materials and techniques.



Through glass I can bring my visual layers in another way to reality. So the viewer don’t really know which layers and shadow is painted and which one is on different glass layers. Also the dropshadow between the layers will change if the viewer is on the move.



The production of concrete based artworks is very different to the working progress of my other techniques (WOODEN SCULPTURES and GLAS). Because its very intuitive and freestyle, when I prepare the concrete layer. Each new artwork has a very different structure and every piece is completely unique. Also the look and feel of it, is the opposite of my resin finished works. The concrete is rough and structured, this gives them their own atmosphere.

The idea why I started to work with concrete, was to use a material which is near to where I come from. Painting walls be my roots.